PureTurf Product Range

Football and Rugby Artificial Grass

Football & Rugby

Full range of products suitable for both American Football, Soccer and Rugby as well as many other sports. With certification from FIFA.

Tennis artificial grass

Tennis, Basketball, Track & Field

Range for Tennis, Basketball, Running Track or MultiFuntion field sports, in Dark Green, Olive, Red or Blue and available in Piile heights from 10-20mm.

Artificial Grass Landscaping


High grade artificial grass available for landscaping in a range of models and colours, with pile heights from 10-50mm.

Artificial grass for parks

Industrial – Parks & Airports

High grade artificial grass in dark green, blended to look as close to the real thing as possbile. Pile heights from 30-60mm.


Available in Dark Green and Olive green, finished to the highest standard with Federation of International Hocky (FIH) Certification. 10-25mm Pile height.

Portable Soccer Turf

Available in Dark or Olive Green in 10-30mm Pile Heights.